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Note to Car Dealers: The Internet is about relationships, not just marketing

I have been amazed at how poorly the car dealerships manage the role of the Internet as part of their customer contact programs. Granted I’m a bit more technically savvy than your average customer, but I suspect most consumers would get pretty frustrated by the lack of response. I have experienced some major disconnects.

The best car company online in my experience has been Honda. While their Web site isn’t as robust as some of the other car companies, they follow through on the requests that flow through their Web site. Honda was the only company to actually deliver a real estimate via email. The dealership we contacted, Bay Ridge Honda, did a great job following up on our visit via email and telephone. They really cared. At least they put in the effort to seem like a company that cares.

The folks at Life Quality Volkswagen were horrible. They got all of our requests mixed up. I won’t even begin to go there. In fact, if you’re buying a car in Brooklyn, don’t bother going there either. Find another VW dealer, seriously.

Toyota hasn’t been very good either. The Bay Ridge Toyota dealer that reached out to us, two months later keeps sending us emails as if we haven’t connected. I spoke with the dealer a while ago and had a good chat. He then sent an initial follow-up email to which I replied with several questions. A week later there was no response, but another email was received. I replied again reiterating the questions. No response. This has gone on for five or six weeks. A week ago I left a message at the dealership to reconnect but the call has not been returned. So, we’ve given up on Toyota too.

In an era when car dealers struggle to move vehicles off the lot, you would expect that they’d invest in effective customer service and efficient technology that makes it easier to manage contact and relationships. It’s too bad the destiny of many of these companies is in the hands of such delusional sales people.

Based on all of this, I have to say that we’re really leaning towards the 2009 Honda Odyssey. Now if only the prices will drop a bit, we’ll be in business.

Honda Odyssey screen shot

Honda Odyssey screen shot

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Top Minivans for 2009

I came across this post on Cars for Girls that includes copy from a NADA Guides news release indicating that top 5 vans for 2009. Here’s the copy from the release. I’ve only had a chance to drive the Odyssey and Routan. The Odyssey is band on. It’s a smooth ride and well appointed. But the Routan. Sure, the interior is a step up from its Chrysler-born siblings, but it drives like a stodgy old van. The Odyssey Touring model was a far more luxurious ride.

1. 2009 Honda Odyssey

NADAguides says the 2009 Honda Odyssey is “one of the best all-around minivans on the market,” and they like it because it comes with 244-hp V6, seating for up to eight passengers, a smooth ride and “quality fit and finish.” They also note the Odyssey is safe too, with side-curtain airbags for all three rows, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and traction control.

2. 2009 Toyota Sienna

NADAguides says the 2009 Toyota Sienna is quiet on the road and offers a “beautiful ride in a spacious and well-equipped cabin.”  The optional AWD Toyota Sienna also made the list.  NADAguides likes the powerful 266 horsepower 3.5-liter V6, sleek exterior styling and list of optional equipment, including navigation, a back-up camera and rear seat DVD entertainment.

3. 2009 Volkswagen Routan

A Volkswagen and Chrysler pair-up created the 2009 Volkswagen Routan, a seven-passenger minivan with VW-inspired styling.  The Routan made the NADAguides list because they love the amenities, including a power lift gate and two power sliding side doors, rear DVD entertainment with screens for the second and third rows, touch screen navigation and more cup holders than you’ll know what to do with.

4. 2009 Mazda MAZDA5

The smallest van on the list, the 2009 Mazda MAZDA5 still comes with six-passenger seating, a nice size cargo area and second and third-row folding seats. The MAZDA5 also includes such safety features as side-curtain airbags on all three rows.

5. 2009 Chrysler Town and Country

The 2009 Chrysler Town and Country features optional Swivel ‘n Go seating and a Stow ‘n Go system with folding second and third rows, which are great features for people who enjoy or need flexible seating and cargo space.

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Test Drive Day: Honda 1, VW 0

As a loyal VW driver, this is not the post I was expecting to write. We have just spent an afternoon in Bay Ridge where many of the Brooklyn car dealers are located. If we were to have bought a car today, it would have been the Honda Odyssey, hands down. Why? Service.

The sales rep we met at Bay Ridge Honda was great. He was personable and understanding.

The Honda Odyssey Touring Edition drove beautifully

The Honda Odyssey Touring Edition drove beautifully

The VW sales rep at Life Quality Volkswagen on the other hand was perhaps the least helpful sales rep we’ve ever met and on the verge of being confrontational. In fact, I can pretty confidently say the we will not be visiting Life Quality VW again. The experience was so bad, we ended slamming them (like many others it seems) on CitySearch.

The folks at Life Quality Volkswagen have forgotten why they’re in business; because of the customer. All they wanted from our visit was a quick sale. It didn’t matter that we were doing research and loyal VW owners for the last 15 years. They didn’t care that we are about to have a third baby and that it was our only chance to get out for a test drive before our new arrival. The fact that we were there several months before our planned purchase really put them out. I can understand that they’d want a sale before the year is out (it’s not been a great year for car sales), but at the detriment of losing a sale for next year? Come on. It was a horrible experience that will quite possibly turn us away from VW for our next purchase.

What happened to Volkswagen?

Who stole VW's soul? The bad car salesperson.

We had an opportunity to drive the Routan SE, a less equipped model than we want. It was a terrible drive, but I’m not sure if it was the overall experience or the fact that it simply drove very poorly. There was no comparison to the Odyssey Touring model I drove. So for now, the Routan is off the list. It could have been such an easy decision for us.

So the research continues.

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