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A Dad’s quest to find the perfect family car

The re:search begins

I’m on a mission to find the perfect family car. What is the perfect family car? I don’t know yet. There are a ton of priorities and desires that we have. There is also the fact that our family is about to grow with the arrival of our third daughter.

We’re urban parents. A minivan may not cut it. It’s definitely not cool enough. An SUV seems irresponsible. Station wagon? Maybe.

While we’ve owned several cars in the past, we’ve lived without one for the last two years.

This is big.

I’m by no means an expert, but as the Dad with a conscience I want to make sure we make the right decision. It will be a decision based on the safety of our family, the costs of ownership, the cool factor, and quite significantly, our impact on the environment. Ideally we wouldn’t need to buy a car, but we will in the near future. So this blog documents our story.

There are so many options out there. Pros to prod and cons to consider. Join us on our road trip to find the perfect family car.

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