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Is there a family-sized car for the eco-conscious?

We started this blog because we really want a vehicle that will accommodate three car seats. As an environmentally conscious bunch, minivans really don’t have the fuel efficiency we want. Sedans and station wagons are often too small, as are many smaller SUVs.

In our past posts, we’ve explored the Toyota Highlander Hybrid as our best option, but having learned that this vehicle is not manufactured in North America (yet) means that a great deal of energy and effort must go into shipping it overseas for sale here. We’re also in a unique circumstance where whichever car we purchase while living in the U.S. will eventually move back with us to Canada. This adds some considerations.

When a car is imported to and registered in Canada, owners must pay tax (PST and GST) on the value of the car, and duty (6.1% of the value) on any car manufactured outside of North America. So ideally we’d purchase a North American manufactured vehicle. This rules out the Highlander Hybrid if we want to save the duty fees. We’ll see.

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Still a major price difference between Canadian and US car dealers

My father-in-law keeps encouraging us to buy a car in the U.S. because the prices are so much better. He’s right. I just priced out the Highlander Hybrid Limited in Canada (through a friend’s dealership) to compare against the U.S. version I posted yesterday. The price difference is about $10,000. That’s substantial. Here’s a screen shot from the Toyota Canada site.

Highlander cost estimate from Toyota Canada

Highlander cost estimate from Toyota Canada

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Toyota Highlander Hybrid on “severe back order”

Building our black and tan 2009 Toyota Higlander Hybrid

Building our "black and tan" 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

A couple of days ago, I built a 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid online and decided, “What the heck, I’ll request a quote.” Our local dealership was quick to respond via email and telephone.

Allen contacted me to see if we could get out for a test drive. The hybrids are in such demand that there aren’t any on the lot and there’s a “severe back order”, so we probably won’t be able to get behind the wheel of a hybrid. That’s too bad. We’ll aim to get out there at the end of the month to see what we can test. I was informed that there is a 4-6 month delayin receiving a vehicle once it is ordered. This is actually a good time frame for us since we won’t need the car until Spring 2009. We’d need to put 10% down.

Allen also indicated that there is a four cylinder Highlanderin the works but he wasn’t sure if the Hybrid would be available with this more efficient engine. The Highlander Hybrid is currently a V6. I can’t imagine this would be the case, but you never know. It’s amazing how fast all of this changes.

We’re also going to visit the VW dealershipclose by on our test drive day to check out the Passat Wagon and the new Routan minivan. We’re not as keep on the Routan since it’s actually made by Chrysler and simply tricked out with VW aesthetics. Chrysler is the master of the minivan though so it could be a decent marriage. What’s that saying though, “You can put lipstick on a pig…”?

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2009 Family Car Fuel Efficiency

Buying a family car requires a bit of compromise for the eco-conscious family. If we were just buying any car our options for finding a fuel efficient vehicle would be easier.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that we need a car that can accommodate three car seats. This either means we need a wider car that can fit the car seats or a larger car like an SUV or minivan that has a third row of seating.

When we consider fuel efficiency, the choice becomes pretty obvious. Here’s a chart I pulled together with the city and highway miles per gallon for some of the models in consideration and others mentioned to us as we’ve begun our research.

2009 Model Year Fuel Efficiency
Make Model City Highway
Chrysler Town & Country LX 17 24
Ford Explorer 14 20
Honda Odyssey EX-L 17 25
Toyota Highlander Hybrid 27 25
Toyota Sienna 17 23
Volkswagen Passat Wagon Turbo 23 32
Volkswagen Routan SEL 17 25
Volvo XC90 3.2L 14 20

The VW Passat Wagon is quite efficient with 23 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. We’re going to be doing more city driving thought which may make the Toyota Highlander Hybrid the best choice with 27 mpg in the city and a respectable 25 mpg on the highway.

When we get out for our test drives, we’ll see how we’re swayed. That should happen towards the end of October 2008.

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The cars in consideration so far

Here are some of the cars we’re considering. There are five so far. What do you think? Any comments? Others we should add to the mix for research and test drives?

Volkswagen Passat Wagon

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Volkswagen Routan

Volvo XC90

Toyota Sienna

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